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Getting Started

Congratulations on successfully installing the WebGUI Content Engine®. If you used the Site Starter to select a set of default pages, you will see those pages in the site navigation. You will also notice that a number of additional pages appear, such as this page. These are default pages added for your convenience to help you get started with WebGUI and find the resources you need. Feel free to remove these extra pages whenever you are ready.

To get started managing content, download the PDF document below. This document provides a basic introduction to the WebGUI user interface. 

WebGUI Basics (PDF)

Once you have read this document, you may want to head over to the Documentation section where you can find more WebGUI resources.

To begin managing content, you should log in and click the Turn Admin On! link. The default username is "admin" and the default password is "123qwe", but you probably customized both of those when you visited this site for the very first time.

Now that you're logged in, we recommend that you add a new user for yourself with admin privileges just in case you forget the login information for your primary admin account. Don't worry if you lock yourself out, you can always contact Plain Black® support to get instructions to get back in.

NOTE: If you appear to get logged out while moving between pages, this is most likely your browser displaying a cached version of the page. Click on your browser's refresh button to correct the problem.


For more information about services related to WebGUI click here.

Enjoy your new WebGUI site!