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The WebGUI Content Engine® is a powerful, easy to use web application framework and content management system. WebGUI contains dozens of built-in features, and allows for full customization through its rich API. It's easy enough for the average business user to use, but powerful enough for any large enterprise.

WebGUI serves thousands of small and large businesses, schools, universities, governments, associations, churches, projects and communities throughout the world. For examples of who is using WebGUI, visit the WebGUI Sightings page. Shouldn't your site be on this list?

If you're new to WebGUI, visit the Getting Started section. Once you feel comfortable, explore some of the professional services available for your new WebGUI site. No matter what level you're at, tell your friends about WebGUI.


Rich User Interface

Powerful API

WebGUI has a rich user experience that allows users to place their content through a drag-n-drop interface; helps users pick dates, colors, and more; and has a highly customizable rich editor to allow users to quickly and easily format content.

WebGUI allows developers to quickly plug-in new functionality to get the most from a site. In addition, WebGUI's standardized plug-in points maintain the upgrade path even with customizations.

Short Friendly URLs


Never worry about ugly numeric ID's or other things in URL's that make it hard for search engines and people to use a site.

Users can work in an interface in their native language, and content can be published in as many languages as necessary.


Easy To Install

Users see their own view of the site through dynamically generated navigation and content. In addition, content can be displayed based upon users' viewing habits.

With the use of the WebGUI Runtime Environment (Unix, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD) and VMWare Appliance (Windows) setup takes minutes rather than hours.